VISION: Students of University of Nigeria emerging as self-directed, health-conscious, socially responsible, responsive and relevant citizens in our dynamic society
Mission: Empowering successive generations of desiring university students to participate in the prevention of ill-health, promotion and sustenance of activities geared towards productive living, decent human conduct, and good leadership qualities
1)    To set up a standard Youth Friendly Resource Center that will help in achieving the vision
2)    To build the capacity of members of staff to provide quality youth friendly services
3)    To provide linkages and trainings on life skills, healthy lifestyles, income generating activities (IGA) & resource mobilization, leadership, conflict resolution and violence prevention
4)    To increase awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention, other related and relevant infections and diseases, provide HCT & Referrals, and collaborate with other stakeholders on the provision of care and support
5)    To promote enterprising spirit and entrepreneurship skills through motivation
6)    To promote in-door and out-door games, life-transforming competitions, community services and volunteerism
7)    To establish linkages and networks with various groups, associations, organizations and  institutions within and outside the university, both nationally and internationally

motto:  Complementing in restoring the dignity of man
strategy: Concurrent care and attention to the Head, Heart, Hands & Health (4Hs) – a holistic approach
‘ASK’ IS OUR FOCUS:  YFRC with the above stated Vision, Mission, Objectives, Motto and Strategy, works to create the consciousness among the university students that they are sent to university to know how to make their lives, the lives of others and their environment better (their vision). It is the expectation of the society that they would graduate and come to provide solutions to the problems of the society and not to become part of the problem. They ought to consciously prepare themselves while in the university not only to pass exams and obtain their certificates, but for gainful employment, significant leadership and citizenship roles in order to lead productive and wholesome lives, achieving their life visions and goals.

Our present-day society is looking for men and women who dream up ideas for wealth creation and can translate those ideas into realities that meet needs – solve outstanding problems or create the desired value.
Our economic world today is looking for people who see themselves as positive change agents, who find opportunity in every challenge to take action where others might find only despair.

For any student/undergraduate therefore to be the relevant man or woman, the individual must be a person that provides solutions and presents a credible (marketable) personality. The person must possess the essential attitude; skills & knowledge (ASK) that make him or her, an effective participant in society. In our global economy, economic success and failure will increasingly be determined by the strategic acquisition and management, by businesses and individuals, of economically-relevant skills.            Read More…
Chance, they say, favors the prepared person. Certainly, those who prepare while in the university by acquiring the necessary ‘ASK’ will find themselves in the commanding heights of society and places of influence in life.
Our structured extracurricular (recreational, livelihood and life skills) programmes and activities that give concurrent and comparative attention to all the critical areas of one’s life (Head, Heart, Hands & Health – 4Hs) make it easier for any participating undergraduate to acquire the essential ‘ASK’. The YFRC strategic empowerment programs including ‘Know About Business – KAB’, therefore facilitate participating students securing decent jobs or becoming employers of labor after graduation as well as active participants in the development of a socially inclusive and economically empowering society.
‘Complementing in restoring the dignity of man’, YFRC helps to raise a working class with a patriotic and productive mindset who are socially responsible – (purpose and value driven), responsive – (always looking out for opportunities to solve problems, meet needs and add values), thus relevant in our evolving economy.
What YFRC has envisioned is a paradigm shift in the thinking and outlook of the UNN students. We see new UNN graduates with possibility mindset, who had put behind them the ‘entitlement syndrome’ that somebody or government should provide them with jobs. We see new UNN graduates who created job for themselves and others after graduation. They have discovered with the various challenges they were exposed to, within and outside the university environments that they had all it takes to make a difference. The challenges stimulated them to think outside the box, and in the process their critical thinking prowesses were activated, their creative and enterprising spirits were stirred up; the heroes, the champions inside them were awakened. In addition, a desire to help in making the broader society of which they were an integral part, ‘a better community for all’ (ABC4All) was inevitably provoked.

Undoubtedly, by enhancing their confidence, connectedness, competence, character and contributions (5Cs) through YFRC programmes and activities, time wasting in frivolous pursuits is minimized, and their responses to life’s challenges are always affirmative – without compromising (by being gullible and vulnerable).
Definitely, YFRC don’t have it all together, but altogether, we have it all.  We therefore seek the collaboration of private, local, corporate and international partners in achieving this laudable objectives.
Invest in YFRC as our programmes and activities are strategic weapons for fighting social ills among the young people – the future leaders.